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Understanding Love

In our language, we have only one word to express the concept of love. It covers everything from the nature of the Creator to the most immoral acts. Our word "love" is so vague and fuzzy that he wants almost nothing to say.

When the apostles wrote the New Testament, their language was richer than ours. Eros was the common word to express the concept of love. It applied to everyday life. He pointed to the love of a husband for his wife, and vice versa, the love of parents for their children and vice versa, friendship, love of noble and beautiful. Eros was also the general concept of Platonic love ennobling and spiritual, as opposed to mere sensuality.

Faith for the Family

The Saviour longed to unfold to His disciples the truth regarding the breaking down of the “middle wall of partition” between Israel and the other nations—the truth that “the Gentiles should be fellow heirs” with the Jews and “partakers of His promise in Christ by the gospel.” Ephesians 2:14; 3:6. This truth was revealed in part at the time when He rewarded the faith of the centurion at Capernaum, and also when He preached the gospel to the inhabitants of Sychar. Still more plainly was it revealed on the occasion of His visit to Phoenicia, when He healed the daughter of the Canaanite woman. These experiences helped the disciples to understand that among those whom many regarded,as unworthy of salvation, there were souls hungering for the light of truth. {AA 19.3}  

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